Certified Quality

Our safety assurance

From the moment the grain enters our mill through to the final product, the entire process is subject to rigorous inspections. Sampling takes place on our lorries by way of a sample-taking probe; our internal laboratory analyses these to check their wholesomeness properties and main nutritional make-up. Once we have carried out our own microbiological checks on the grain and semolina, samples are then sent out for external laboratories for more in-depth analysis and certified checks. This is a very important step. The fail-safe combination of our own internal inspections plus external verified checks guarantees a fully tested, quality-assured product in accordance with our clients’ specification, our own quality standards and existing legislation.

Seal of quality

Our certifications

Thanks to our certifications gained over the years, to best practice in management and to the constant training of personnel involved in production and quality control, Loiudice Mill guarantees that all its products conform to the current legislation and HACCP standards.


for manufacturing and marketing

UNI EN ISO 14001

for environmental management


for manufacturing and packaging

UNI EN ISO 22005

for traceability

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certificazioni loiudice-02
certificazioni loiudice-04
certificazioni loiudice-03

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